2014 World Cup Nail Art

As the 2014 World Cup is on, you can find that the World Cup news is full of our daily life and it has been a hot topic among men and women, old and young. So, It has naturally been a new fashion trend. Not only the matches but also the fashion elements, which are linked to the World Cup, are on everyone’s tongue. as a tide-person, we should also keep the fashion trend. There is a special and original nail designs called the 2014 World Cup nail art. You can use colorful nail polish to paint your fashionable patterns.

nail art

There are a range of creative nail designs.flag nail art and soccer nails are the most widespread designs. For there are 32 teams in the 2014World Cup, which are chosen from lots of teams through strict matches, you can have a quantity of patterns to paint. Paint the single flag pattern or mix two or more flags. As the host, Brazilian flag patterns could be more popular.

Italian Soccer Nails( the main hue is blue, which looks cool )

nail art

Great Britain flag Nail art (The dominant hue is blue, with red cross.)

nail art   Brazilian nails ( there are three colors mixed, green, blue and yellow.)

nail artnail art

Arsenal fan nails( the first sight is the passionate color, red. it looks vivid and gives us vitality, positive energy)

nail artThere is no doubt that there are countless mixtures to form your unique nail art. Moreover, there are lots of resources for finding nail design inspiration. Various nail art websites can be found that cater for the nail designs you are looing for. Even though the internet is a treasure-trove of information and ideas, you can search patterns for reference. The important thing to remember about nail designs and nail nail art is to be creative, express yourself, and most importantly – have fun!


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