2015 Stella McCartney Early Spring Series Hairstyles Trends

3CE Facial Brush The hairstyling team led by AVEDA designer Frank Rizzieri, designs a 1970’s holiday style of lightly micro-volume styling for 2015spring vacation series clothes which are designed by Stella McCartney, who are the top fashion designer and also a lifelong environmentalist. Moreover, this fashion party was held in Elizabeth Street Garden of little Italy District in New York. Stella says, the inspiration of this season’s clothing came from his late mother Linda McCartney, a camerawoman who has great personal style and is glamour.

3CE Facial Brush This hairstyle designs master 1970 ‘s woman’s fashion trends, from the 60 ‘s hyperbole and heavy makeup to the natural elegance faction so that no obvious makeup turns into the mainstream. Therefore, the AVEDA team specially created the slightly wavy light slightly curly hairstyle between straight hair and curly hair behind the ears, which can reflect the state of modern career woman that always works to leave for a second to dress directly up beautiful clothing, switching into vacation mode. Remove neat appearance in the workplace and make the hair slightly wavy, shimmering loose on shoulders without excessive glooming so that it shows sluggish 2015early spring vacation of naturally light in micro-volume model. 3CE Facial Brush About natural makeup, concealer with 3CE Facial Brush and the skin gloss is the key to winning. The hair is the same. Rizzieri, the AVEDA designer, says that they use the latest hair styling to create natural breast straight, which can make hair shinier. Also they apply deep moisturizing cream oil to the hair tail. Both are perfect for spring and summer without the burden of styling for girls to create natural hair texture.

As we all known, there are many details we can learn from various fashion shows apart from clothes and makeup. For instance, nail decoration should also be paid attention to.


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