3 Kinds of Braid for Long Hair

The summer is just around the corner, and it might be quite uncomfortable to let down your long hair in the scorchers. For the hot summer, to braid your hair will certainly solve this uncomfortable problem for you, but it can be kind of boring, as long as you always use the same hairstyle. I would love to show you different kinds of braids for long hair down below, or you could practice with the hairdressing training model holder, now check out these 3 new ideas which are based on the French braid.


Hidden Your Braid

If you have a meeting or an appointment at a fancy place and do not have much time to deal with your hair, try this simple hairdo. You look fabulous and ready for whatever. The hairstyle works better, as you have longer hair. It begins with the common braid, or so-called French braid. Then use your thumbs to create a space under the braid and hides the rest of your hair, put on hair styling tools or pins to hold it in place.


Waterfall Braid

It is perfect for casual look in daily life. This waterfall braid in bohemian chic style would go perfectly with not only your boots and jeans but also girly dresses in boho style. In addition, it is very easy to pull this off. Begin braiding with doing a French braid. The only difference is that you should pass the bottom of hair in the center. Instead of adding more hair, you should drop it and takes a completely different strip.


Loose Braid

This style is definitely casual, especially for a weekend morning. You can wear this kind of hairdo to walk with your dog, and it looks quite nice with a loose blouse and shoulder drop to create a sense of vacation. Do not use for office or hanging out at night, because it will be a little bit too messy for formal occasion. Believe me that this video clip will give you a more correctly guide for the loose braid.


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