5 Beauty Tips of Makeup for Girls with Glasses


How many times have you seen another woman wearing glasses that just hid their gorgeous eyes. Most of people consider that the girls with glasses needn’t to makeup as no one will pay attention to the makeup behind those glasses. To be frank, that thought is wrong totally. If you are wearing glasses, it is more essential than other girls without glasses to makeup. Today, we’re going to learn how to wear makeup with glasses. Here are 5 awesome tips and tricks to achieve the best look!

girl with glasses  girl with glasses girl with glasses  girl with glasses

1.Balance thick frames with bold lipstick
As we all known, if those who is very short-sighted lose their glasses, they couldn’t focus accurately on distant objects. So, if you’re a fan of thick, statement frames, keep your eyeshadow neutral and balance out your glamorous glasses with a splash of equally bold lipstick. This will help you to avoid a top heavy effect on your face. But you can’t go wrong with a traditional red lip for the evening. Because I am afraid you will scare others.

girl with glasses  girl with glassesgirl with glasses  girl with glasses

2.Use mascara with a dry or waterproof formula
There is nothing different from your whole makeup routines, but I want to emphasize one point that using waterproof mascara. Or your eyelash will spot your glasses.

mascara  mascaramascaramascara

3.Curl your lashes
Having trouble with eyelashes? You just make use of some makeup tools like eyelash curler to curl them. On bare lashes, this will open up your eyes and make them appear larger. For girls wearing mascara, curling your lashes will help them point away from your lenses.

eyelash curler  eyelash curler eyelash curler  eyelash curler

4.Don’t skimp on the concealer
Glasses really draw attention to your eye area and that’s exactly what we want. However, your glasses can also attract unnecessary attention to any redness, dark circles and fine lines under the eyes. The best way to combat this is to invest in a good quality concealer. Choose a light-weight, creamy and full-coverage formula for best results. Remember, concealers with pink salmon undertones are best for cancelling out blue/purple dark circles.

girl with glassesgirl with glasses girl with glasses girl with glasses

5.Groom your brows
The best makeup for glasses is all about highlighting the brows. Your eyebrows frame your face, so it’s the most important to make sure they don’t get lost behind your glasses! Keep your brows trimmed and well groomed for a polished look and don’t be afraid to emphasize their definition with a browpencil.

girl with glasses  girl with glasses girl with glasses  girl with glasses


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