5 Invisible Killer to Clog Your Pores

In general, the problems of the acne and pimple always brother us seriously. Even though we have finished the cleaning process thoroughly and pay more attention to the natural skin care, we still cannot possess the flawless and wonderful skin on our face. Do you have any idea that what wrong is it? If you find out the fundamental factors, you can deal with these problems at ease. Here are the five reasons as the follow may cause the consequence that clog your pores and make many facial problems appear. After reading that, you will discover that the invisible killer is just around us in fact.

natural skin care

No.1 killer: mobile phone
The mobile phone is the most important piece of necessary accessories for us to bring. In this modern society, it is difficult to find out the person without mobile phone among the common people. I guess seldom people realize that the phone is the No.1 killer to clog our pores. As the phone will be touch with many thing such as the cloth of bag, the table and so on. You’d better to clean the surface of phone by using some professional cleaner.

mobile phone

mobile phone calling the phone

No.2 killer: the pillowcase
The average sleep time is about 7 hours a day, which means it’s a long time for us to be in close contact with the pillow. So changing the pillowcase once a week is the most ideal condition for us.

people sleep on the pillowcase

No.3 killer: the hands
As we use the hands to touch everything all the time, there are a lot of bacteria on our hands. Don’t use the hands to touch your face before you wash them. Here recommend an automatic machine-LED infrared soap dispenser for you to make you more convenient to wash the hands.

washing the hands

No.4 killer: the makeup
Most people will make up before they go outside in order to show people the best appearance of them and I think it’s normal. But you must remember to take the makeup off before sleep. If you sleep with the makeup, it will add the burden to your skin and then make your skin become worse.

beautiful makeup

beautiful makeup

No.5 killer: the greasy food
The greasy food always is the killer to cause the acne and pimple. We should eat them less.

people eat the hamburger greasy food


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