5 Stylish Color Ideas for Nail Polishing

Every time when I decide to change my nail arts, I will have trouble in applying the fashionable ones. This always ended up as either remaining the old look or making messy an unsatisfying nail arts. Therefore, every time when I wish to make another nail decoration, I will not only take my own interest into consideration, but also search the internet for some fashion information. I know that only when I have a close understanding about the latest fashion, I can make a satisfying nail art. Who doesn’t love to be fashionable?

I like to catch the fashion trend from magazines and official blog and website. From them, I can not only know more about the dressing techniques about the celebrities, but also know more about wholesale or on sale discounted goods. They make beauty perfectly meets budgets. Now I would like to share you five cool fashion dressings and the best nail polish color for them.

1. Classic Legendary Tourmaline
Tourmaline always gives people an air of classic and noble. I love green color. However, sometimes, I feel a little bit awkward if I wear a green dress, because few people wear this color dress for its stunning charming nobility. However, I saw Blake Lively looks as charming and elegant in green, so I think green will be a very fashionable and stylish color. Simply applying green color is definitely not enough. I would like to apply some dark color at the inner nail edge. It adds more sophisticated color to my nails.

nail polish set

2. Fresh Transparent Floral Green
If you think that it is too simple or it makes you feel thin air, you can try a moderate one. Amanda’s floral dress makes me feel much more comfortable. Actually, I can stick some flower stickers and make a 3D nail art. It looks nice and easy to accept. I think I can handle it.

nail polish set

3. Ethnic Pattern
I don’t want to expose I am a fan of local colors, but this ethnic pattern dress and nail design are really tempting to me. I fall in love with them at the very first glance. Generally speaking, when I make a nail decoration, I will try to avoid the low tone color, such as gray or brown. However, my ideas change greatly now. I think making small floral decoration will be very brilliant.

nail polish set

4. Snake Skin’s Wildness
If you think that snake skin can only used for bags and shoes, you are totally wrong. Actually, this pattern for clothing and nail decoration can also produce a glamorous effect. Look at the nail decoration and don’t be terrified by it elaborated drawing and painting. One trifle thing in your daily life can help you a lot. The net bag for wrapping fruit or the bed net. Before painting, you can wrap your nails will nets, and then select the pale gray or dark green from your nail polish set    , and slowly apply it at the nail tip part. You can also make some polish with painting pens like the upper picture.

nail polish set

5. Queen VS Daisy
Yellow color is sometimes very self-conflict. On one hand, it is solemn and eye catching, just like a Queen;, on the other hand, it is moderate, even the wild flower at the country road can possess it. But for this strange combination of two extreme effect, yellow color also catch my attention. I don’t think I am a very bossy woman, so I prefer to apply a little yellow polish. I find it works really great. It makes my fingers look nice and clean. Gentle and comfortable.

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When we appreciating the beauty of the world, we are also decorating the world. The fashion life is so colorful, so changeable, so restless and so unpredictable. I would like to be her follower, an eyewitness, and to catch the most delicate changes.

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