6 Trendy Nail Art Ideas For Fall 2018

A simple glamour detail such as lively nail polish can add color to your everyday life. After all, life is short, and fall has to be all spicy with those beautiful nails. However, no matter how confident you might be, picking the right combination of night polish from your salon counter can be quite overwhelming. We are here to help you narrow your nail art kit choice with these trendy 2018 fall nail art ideas;


The Combination Of Mauve And Metallic

You don’t have to go all dark with your fall nail art selection. To add a little color, pick a nail art kit with mauve to enhance your polish transition. You can then decide to play around with shapes to give the muted color a perfect blend.

nail art kit

The Black Marble

The combination of black, grey, white and golden is magnificent. If you can book this on your next salon appointment, then don’t hesitate more so if you are heading for a formal event. With this look, you will have to let your nails shout for you!

nail art kit

The Matte and Glossy Blend

If you are wearing a lot of leather jackets in the fall, then a combination of matte and glossy should be in your consideration list. Have your nail art kit ready and let your stylist come-up a division on the nails. One part should be matte and the other glossy. Be prepared to step out in confidence with this modern look!

nail art kit

The Fall Splatter

For most individuals, having short nails means limitations to nail polish trends. That is, however, not entirely true as there are plenty of styles that would look great on you. One of those is the fall splatter. It even gets you in the mood for Halloween.

nail art kit

The Apple Red

Well, the sight of the red apple is usually intriguing to the eyes. So you can imagine how splendidly red your nails are going to stand out. Have a few stripes to complete the look. The look is perfect for both long and short nails

nail art kit

The Tortoise Shell

Go blond with the classic combination of tortoiseshell colors this fall. They will look great on you and match with most of your fall attire. Besides, animals are merely beautiful.

nail art kit

Actually, there is no limitation as to what you can achieve with a simple nail art kit. We hope your next nail polish appointment won’t be just like the previous ones. Go classic, shiny or even nude with this fantastic combinations. Don’t be afraid to exploit your creativity. And when you do, feel free to share some of those ideas with us?!


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