6 Ways to Grow Hair Faster

We bring some recommendations to help your hair grow faster. Pay attention!

Hair Growth Essence

  1. What You Eat

Your diet makes a great big difference to hair growth. If you consume large amounts of protein, your hair grow faster and thicker. The best foods to grow healthy hair are fish, eggs, nuts and beans. In addition, fruits and vegetables provide vitamins that promote the growth of your hair.

Hair Growth Essence

  1. Stimulate the Growth

Mix 2 tablespoons vodka, 5 drops of lavender oil, chamomile and rosemary with a tablespoon of distilled water. Massage your scalp with this mixture for a couple times. You will kill germs and will stimulate the follicles to faster growth.

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  1. Essential Oils

If you want to stimulate hair growth, the hair growth essence can be useful. Rub the essence on your hair to get a faster growth. Oils such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, cedar and jojoba could remove impurities and nourish the scalp. Simply pour two or three drops on the hair and massage the scalp, and do it 2 or 3 times a week.

Hair Growth Essence

  1. Massage the Scalp

Take your time to have a gentle massage on your hair before you wash it with your hands or massage supplies. This will help dilate blood vessels and improve circulation, which delivers oxygen and essential nutrients to the hair follicles to promote healthy growth. You will see the difference after 4 weeks.

Hair Growth Essence

  1. Emulsion Home Coconut Oil

Mix one part coconut oil with one part honey and melt it in a bowl. Then leave on for 30 to 90 minutes. Once finished the time rinse with a natural shampoo.

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  1. Rinse Apple Cider Vinegar

If you want your hair to grow exponentially the apple cider vinegar is the solution. Simply mix the vinegar with a little water and use it to rinse the hair after shampooing. Removes impurities from hair that causes pollution and hair products and helps strengthen it.


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