How to Choose Makeup Brushes?

Some people prefer synthetic makeup brushes. Some want natural makeup brushes. But, what is really the deal with these two? They are just brushes for your beautification purposes, right? So is there a major difference if you choose one over the other? Which is better?

make up brush setWell, you can buy a natural makeup brush set and a synthetic collection too because these two sets can offer benefits for the user. There are advantages in a one set that is not present with the other. To distinguish, here are some observed facts on synthetic makeup brushes and natural ones:Brushes made from natural hair usually come from animals like squirrel, goat, sable, horses, minks or a combination of all. Since it is made of real hair, the bristles are not as soft as man-made. Goat hair is often the preferred choice.

make up brush setThe bristles are of high quality so as expected, if you buy a set of this, it will be a bit costly. If you do not mind the tag price and want to have the finest benefit it has to offer then by all means, purchase a whole collection. Remember that these make up brush set may cost up to $50 each brush. (Synthetic makeup brush kits are lesser in price – ranges from $1-$30).

make up brush setThe issue here is usage and animal cruelty. With natural bristles, application of powdered make up is superb and unmatched by the man-made ones. The look on the face will be “softer”. This is because the brush can hold and apply the makeup color pigments better.If you are against animal testing or cruelty, this is not the set for you. Do not believe in marketing campaigns that say “natural hair bristles, cruelty free”. This is false advertising.The top natural brushes: powder brush, blusher and eye shadow brush

make up brush setIf you favor synthetic makeup brushes…It is usually made of nylon or polyester fibers but with further processing. These brushes are being baked and dyed to make it strong against damage. It is easy to clean because man-made makeup tools do not absorb color pigments compared to how natural hair does. It can be easily washed off by water just like painting brushes. (Actually, they are closely the same.)The top use of the synthetic tools in your cosmetic bag: cream-base foundation, blusher made of cream, lipstick, cream shadows and the likes…

make up brush setPurchasing either of the two is a matter of choice. You can decide to try synthetic makeup brush kit or the real hair ones. With that, you can see for yourself which works best for you. You can opt to buy a natural powder make up brush because you know it will even out the application of your powder. You can also choose to buy a synthetic lip brush because it is cream based and after use, it will be very easy to clean. It really is up to you because now you know how it is being used and what it is for.


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