9 Fancy and intriguing nail art ideas

Colorful nail patterns give us chromatic emotions for you are not confined to simple colors and you can paint any colors as you love.

nail art

Mysterious geometrical nail patterns can make you full of artistic temperament. Pick up several appropriate colors as you like then you can painted on the nails freely.

nail art

The combination of black and white has been always classic mixture even the simple diagonal drawing also in fashion.

nail artIf you combine the most fresh mint green with dotted pattern, it feels like sweet candy which looks so beautiful.

nail artFor romantic and tender girls, flower nail art is more suitable for your character. Why not try this style, whose grounding color is flesh-colored matching to purple blossoms. The effect is particularly soft and attractive.

nail artThere are ancient legends originated from Europe that the evil eyes are said to ward off evil spirits. As a girl who loves doing something special, you will be fond of using this special patterns to decorate your nails so that your nails will make a sparkling effect.

nail artOutlined white nail edge and filled nude will make your nails more elegant in style, but not as cheesy as a French manicure.

nail artThe general French manicures paint in the front of painted nails. If you try to extend the side and paint in edge of one-fourth, which will have unexpected results.

nail artTriangle pattern can make your hands became more slender. Also gold and white combinations can make nails look fresh.

nail artMix Matt and varnished oil painting together there will be a collision. Especially for red nails, Adding to Matt makes the nail more substantial.

Certainly, when you finish your creative nail designs, you should put your hands into mini led nail lamp to make nail polish dry and stay for long time.


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