A Hot Makeup Trend of the Eyebrow Slits

Do you love to see the fashion show? Who is your favorite model? I love every fashion show very much. As I always pay more attention to the fashion circle, I know that the bigger feature of Care Delevingne is her big eyebrows. But recently, her favorite makeup of eyebrows is no longer the big eyebrows, but the eyebrow slits. Have you ever heard about this name? I guess most young people will not have any idea about it. To be frank, this brow look has existed since at least the 1990s, when Vanilla Ice had shaved several vertical lines into his eyebrow.

Care Delevingne Care Delevingne

Care Delevingne

Although it is not very popular at that time, the beauty scene has arguably been all about the eyebrows since Cara Delevingne stepped out on the runway with her enviously full brows. And now the emphasis on brows has taken a new turn, with people embracing shaving slits, or cuts, into their eyebrows.In order to follow the fashion trend, you can make up this eyebrows too. Before make up this eyebrow slits, you should prepare some makeup tools that you need.

Care's eyebrow slits eyebrow slits eyebrow slits

eyebrow slits

For the beginner of makeup, this eyebrow pencil scissor set is perfectly suitable for them to use. The eyebrow makeup set consists of the eyebrow stencil card, the eyebrow pencil and so on. Want to know more details? You can browse the banggood website for more details and more other makeup products.

Chole's eyebrow slits

eyebrow slits eyebrow slits

By the way, you ought to think about whether you should try the eyebrow slits or not before you take a action. Why I say that? As once you cut the eyebrows, you have to wait for a certain time to possess the complete eyebrows. If you cut the wrong shape careless, you will be very regretful about that. What’s more, don’t cut the brows many times as I am afraid that it won’t grow again.

eyebrow makeup eyebrow slits

eyebrow slits

eyebrow slits eyebrow slits


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