A-Z of Nail Dryers

There is a common saying that “beauty is good business”. Looking good does not only involve your facial make-up or your clothes, ever other visible part of the body is involved. Your nails for instance is a very vital part of the body that needs to be properly taken care of.

If you do your own manicures at home but don’t like waiting around for your nails to dry you’re going to love these handy nail dryers that make waiting for your nails to dry a thing of the past.
They are used by professional saloons all the time and you can buy them for home use but there are so many different types available that it can get a bit confusing on which one to buy.
You can buy LED nail lamps and UV nail lamps for gel polish, lamps with just fans to blow air for ordinary nail polish, portable or desktop sized, mains or battery operated and ones that will allow you to cure just one hand or both hands at once.
You can buy a basic dryer or ones that has special settings and lamps with different wattage’s and timers, as I say it can all get a bit confusing, but how do you decide which one is best for you.

What size of nail dryer is best?
You need to choose wisely when looking at the size of a lamp. Some lamps only fit four fingers so you will have to cure the thumb separately so try and get a larger one or even one that does both hands at once.
If you want to do pedicures you will need to take that into account, you can get lamps with a removable bottom to let you do pedicures.
Portable nail dryers tend to be smaller than desktop dryers.

How long should a bulb last?
UV bulbs don’t last as long as LED bulbs at around 100 hours as opposed to LED bulbs that last around 50,000 hours. To put it into perspective that means if do your nails once a week and it takes 5 minutes to cure, a UV bulb would last over 20 years before needing to be changed and your LED bulbs would last forever.

Benefits of using a Nail Dryer

Efficient For Professionals
If you’re a a salon or a nail artist professional, a nail dryer saves you time and allows you attend to multiple clients in your day. Your clients are also happier because you’re saving them a lot of time and providing a fast great service. The bottom line, more clients will yield more money.
Quick Drying Time
A nail dryer can dry all your nails in under 5 minutes. Waiting for only air to dry your nails can take as much as 30 minutes. In that time, there are plenty of other things you could be doing.
No accidents when in use
When you use a LED nail lamp for drying, there is no smearing or smudging of nail polish. Your nails don’t come into contact with anything around you and the nail dryer finishes fast.

Faster and Finer Finish
For ladies who apply multiple layers of nail polish, one nail dryer benefit is that each layer will dry faster and give a neat professional finish when you’re done.

Drying Shellac nail
Using a UV nail dryer, you can dry tough layers of nail polish like the ones made with Shellac.

Ease of use

Some nail dryer require power to work

With the introduction of nail dryers, the worry of nail paints taking long to dry off has been eliminated. It is worthy to note that they are affordable and available on online shopping malls.


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