Does Activated Charcoal Harm Our Teeth?

Over the years activated charcoal has been used as a teeth whitener. Many people have resulted in trusting activated charcoal and made it so close to them due to its positive results. What people don’t know are its effect and its properties.

Activated charcoal is made from the finely milled black powder of coconut shells, bone char, olive pits and coal. Within a limit of three to five minutes activated charcoal whitens teeth to a greater level than the toothpaste does. Moreover, activated charcoal has more interesting properties that make it effective for teeth whitening.

The first time I heard about the activated charcoal, I thought there was no way this could be safe! After research, I found out it was practically right.

bamboo charcoal toothpaste

Activated charcoal is safe to ingest but it can damage the enamel if scrubbed against.

Activated charcoal can cause scratching, chipping and enamel damage due to the abrasiveness of the mineral. Research also shows that it causes enamel deterioration and tooth erosion.  When you are using it, it seeps through the enamel into the dentine leaving it stained and blotchy, which is visibly bad for oral health.

It also leaves the enamel susceptible to deterioration and erosion, leading to sensitivity and cavities. Finally only to find that loose enamel tooth gets sensitive and dark. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should discontinue the process in order to prevent more damage to your teeth.

bamboo charcoal toothpaste

However, there is a safe discovery that has been recently made. The bamboo charcoal toothpaste has strong absorption, humidification and antibacterial capacity which helps in cleaning teeth.  Unlike activated charcoal that will harm your teeth, the bamboo toothpaste removes stains of smoke, coffee, berries and even red wine from your teeth and it helps eliminate bad breath, dental plaque, and oral ulcers.

bamboo charcoal toothpaste

It is free of toxic ingredients like the fluoride and bleach.

It helps protect the enamel due to the aloe vera extracts which, in turn, helps in reducing a rough texture on the surface of the teeth. Besides, it helps in balancing oral pH and improves halitosis.

Teeth health is to be perfect they cannot regrow like the rest of the dead cells in the human body because after teeth are damaged. I would highly recommend the bamboo toothpaste for its unending benefits like strong healthy teeth. Unlike act vitiated charcoal, the bamboo charcoal toothpaste safely whitens teeth.

bamboo charcoal toothpaste

It is true to say that without teeth we cannot be able to chew anything, therefore, we should always keep our dental health at high standards. Let us protect our teeth with the question of ‘is it safe?’ In our minds.



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