Adopt the Trendy Nail art By Using Nail Stickers This Summer

After having manicure or pedicure, you might feel that your nails are looking like an empty canvas. If you are willing to paint the empty canvas, then we have brought some of the stylish ideas to fill up the canvas. Nail art has been an evolving year by year in the past 4-5 years. It is the next big thing after clothes, shoe, and hair. Nail art market has been growing continuously. Nail stickers now pocket-friendly available for everyone and also easy to apply on nails. You can do it yourself at home or visit the nearest salon also. What Trendy nail art ideas for this summer? I will tell you that using nail stickers may be one of the most trendy ones for you in summer 2018. Now, let me share some ideas that help you own the trendiest nail art by using nail stickers simply.

nail stickers

Character Nail stickers

Character nail stickers are provided with an adhesive back and with your favorite gaming character or cartoon character on the front. You can get stickers of angry birds, Pokémon, Disney princess, Pikachu, Halloween, Game of Thrones character and much more. This summer you can roam around with your favorite character in your fingertips. They are very pocket-friendly and easy to apply. We should be careful while applying with our non-dominant hand.

nail stickers

3D Nail stickers

With everyone talking about another dimensions and realms, nail stickers have also hit the market with 3D nail stickers design. The stickers are same as the other stickers except they have a 3D effect on the sticker. You can feel the depth of the images in the sticker. We can find the stickers in geometric 3D effect or floral 3D effect.

nail stickers

Nail jewelry

This might sound odd but the trend now is with the jewelry on your nails also. Jewelry means the metal stickers and precut beads pieces. We can find very cute little shapes and sizes which are used to create accent nails after manicure or pedicure. After applying a clear nail polish, we can stick mini metallic bead stickers with nail glue.

nail stickers

Apart from these, you can also use a plain nail polish and a black nail polish pen to sketch your ideas on nails. You should not be an artist, but you can just draw some random lines and figures. There is beauty in imperfection. One of the major benefits of nail stickers is that you can get glorious and artistic nails without having to spend a lot for nail artists. You can also change it more often depending on your mood and events around you. So be stylish this summer with the trending nail stickers of your choice.



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