Adopting the Color Purple in Nail Art

Purple is a classy and elegant color but it takes some level of creativity and daring spirit to use it comfortably. In a room full of people wearing different colors of gown and dresses of different designs, the easiest to spot apart from the white, red and other bright colors is a purple one. The color is so unique that it doesn’t shout like some colors but still gets noticed. A good fashion sense help to blend the color well with other colors of clothing and that sense can also be applied to nail art. For beginners in nail arts, it can be a little tricky but there are few ways out, ways the purple color can be adopted in nail art. One of them is using nail stickers and another is starting light.

nail stickers

Let’s discuss those using some nail art designs.

In this year, purple nail arts have been trendy and so many people have been embracing it for reasons as simple as it makes them stand out. Who doesn’t like to be different from others?

nail stickers

Purple nails with stripes or polka dots: designing the nail sometimes becomes a problem when you have to do it yourself. Except you can use both hands pretty well, it will be better to use nail stickers. To successfully get this nail design, paint your nails in purple and let them dry. Place a lace nail sticker that runs parallel across the nail or along the nail and paint the space between the parallels with either white or gold color. Do it one nail at a time and allow it to dry. Remove the lace stickers and behold the beauty.

nail stickers

Purple nails with lines: this is very easy to accomplish. All that is needed is two bottles of purple nail paint (different shades of purple). Paint the nail with a darker shade of purple as the base color, allow it dry and with a free hand or with the use of lace nail stickers, draw lines across, along and diagonally over the nail with a softer shade of purple.

nail stickers

Graphical purple nails: this is also an easy one. Colors needed include of course purple (two shades), pink and black. Paint your nail with the lighter shade of purple, using it as the base color. On the base color, paint a quarter of a nail with the color pink and another quarter with the darker shade of purple. Demarcate the purple and pink with the color black. It gives a unique purple nail design.

nail stickers

To pull off the trendy purple nail designs, you can experiment by combining the color purple with different colors.


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