All you need to know about Hotel Slippers


To give your hotel visitors the level of comfort they deserve, you should purchase a hotel slippers for them. In addition to seeing that the visitors are comfortable, the slippers likewise help in shielding your hotel floor from damage.

hotel slippers

Types of hotel slippers

There are numerous sorts of hotel slippers in the market that you can go for. The most widely recognized being:

Flip-flops: They are the most widely recognized. Truth be told, when you request that somebody give you slippers, these are the ones that they will bring you. A large portion of the flip-flops are produced using rubber yet there are not many that are produced using leather and different materials. The units arrive in various designs and sizes. You should simply pick the ones that are perfect for you. When making the purchase you ought to go for rubber slippers as the visitors can wear them while relaxing and furthermore in the shower. In the shower, the slippers shield the visitors from slipping and dirt.

hotel slippers

Slip-on: Also known as loafers, these are conventional men slippers. From their name, these slippers expect you to slip them on. They are typically warm and the visitors can wear them anyplace in the inn territory.

hotel slippers

Moccasins: While the majority of the Moccasins are intended for outdoor use, there are some that are made as house slippers. The units include suede or a delicate leather base. There are some that possess a shoe-like sole.

Hotel slippers

Novelty slippers: They are referred to as the funny slippers as they are made to take after various items or creatures. Some are intended to look frogs, others computer keyboards, and others elephants. Others have a serious look at them whereas opposed to taking after a creature or object, they have logos used to recognize certain items. In the event that you have chosen putting resources into these units, you ought to consider getting modified slippers that have the logo of your hotel.

Hotel slippers

Step-in slippers: Also known as booties or boots, these type of slippers gives a complete covering of your foot. Some stretch out up to your ankle taking after a short boot. The slippers come in various structures. There are some that are made of boiled wool upper, others of fabric, while others look like socks. You just need to pick the correct one for your visitors.

Hotel slippers


These are a portion of the various sorts of slippers that you can purchase for your lodging visitors. When purchasing the units consider the kind of visitors that you are focusing on. In the event that you are focusing on experts on professionals who are on official assignment, you ought to go with the normal kinds of units. But if you are focusing on youthful and intriguing individuals, you should give your lodging an in vogue look by going with the novelty slippers. At you will find all these hotel slippers at an affordable rate.


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