Amabrush Automatic Electric Sonic Toothbrush- Automatic and Quicker

The Amabrush toothbrush is the latest revolutionary new toothbrush that is designed to brush your tooth automatically. It does it works in just 10 seconds. Amabrush automatic electric sonic toothbrush is the first of its kind in the world, and it’s entirely automatic with only a single button press and a duration of 10 seconds wait you have perfectly cleaned teeth.

Electric Sonic Toothbrush

Why choose sonic electric toothbrush?

Brushing our teeth is entirely a tiresome process, and many people hate the process of squeezing, scrubbing, gargling, spitting, rinsing and then flossing twice per day. For a healthy oral care, it’s advisable, we brush our teeth at least twice per day. The sonic electric toothbrush makes the process of toothbrushing quite quicker and automatic hence giving you efficient time to do other things in your life.

sonic electric toothbrush

The Cleaning Modes

  • Wireless charging
  • Automatic brushing of teeth within 10 seconds
  • The toothpaste capsules that is recyclable.
  • Mouthpiece and the handpiece


The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece has an in-built antibacterial silicone material with inbuilt microchannels that helps to transport toothpaste comfortably to your mouth. It also features uniquely 3D bristles arrangement designs on both sides to quickly clean your teeth. The bristles are super soft preventing gum damage and strong enough to keep brushing your teeth. The mouthpiece is replaceable every 3 to six months.


The Headpiece

This is the component of Electric Sonic Toothbrush that contains the most complex technology and is designed to create a high vibration, and it has an intelligent algorithm that ensures different waves to help oscillate the bristles hence cleaning your teeth. The algorithm supports the coordinated movement of the toothbrush bristles and designed to produce different resonant frequencies.


10 Seconds

The Electric Sonic Toothbrush can quickly clean your teeth in only 10 seconds since they are all cleaning simultaneously that means the electric toothbrush brushes your teeth 12x more than the manual toothbrush.


Charging, Battery, and Pump

The inbuilt mechanism is designed to foam and deliver the correct amount of toothpaste direct to your teeth, and its integrated battery is known to last at least for 28 sessions of your tooth brushing without recharging.


The Toothpaste Capsule

It’s placed on the handpiece and it automatically releases the ideal amount to toothpaste each time you want to brush your teeth, and each capsule can last for more than one month, and it uses more formulated toothpaste that is more liquid


Amabrush Automatic Sonic Electric Toothbrush is all about bite push and rinses giving you the best way to change your oral care get one and join the revolutionary dental industry.



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