Amazing Purple Tattoo Designs to Adopt

Adopting a tattoo is an experience that is very personal. The choice of the tattoo design and color has to be done perfectly. You have to live with this choice for a very long time or even for the rest of your life. This means that you should have a serious thought about the tattoo you will adopt. The major factors that you should consider are the size, color, art or style of the tattoo. Among these factors, it’s more important to give yourself a serious thought about the color of the tattoo that you are going to adopt. The color will stay on your skin for a long time. The color which is chosen also determines other factors such as the clothing and the accessories you will be wearing especially on special occasions. The purple color is one of the best colors to choose. Different designs can be adopted with purple color.

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Amazing Designs with Purple Color

  1. Floral Pattern Design

Flower patterns are perfect designs that can be adopted by women. The purple flower tattoo combined with curved branches of black color will give your body a sensual look. This design can be adopted and put on visible part of your body. When this design is carried on your back it represents royalty.

  1. 3D Purple Butterfly

This is a combination of the purple and black color. A 3D tattoo gives a more realistic look to the tattoo design adopted. A normal tattoo gun kit can be used to draw this design perfectly. Adopting a purple 3D butterfly tattoo shows your love for nature and beauty.

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  1. Purple Rose Design with green leaves

A purple rose with green leaves design gives a more natural flouring look on your skin. This design is commonly adopted by women to represent love, sensuality, and magnetism. This design can be adopted as a permanent or temporary tattoo using a specific type of tattoo gun kit.

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  1. Purple Feather with Black Writings Design

A combination of light and dark purple color feather design tattoo easily capture attention with a single glance. This design can better be improved with a quote or your favorite writing just at the tip of the feather. This is a simple design that can be adopted by anyone who loves simple tattoos.

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Adopting a purple color design is considered to a girl’s design. However, different designs with different purple color density can also be adopted by men. Once you have selected the best purple design to adopt the next thing you need to do is get a qualified and experienced professional who will give you an artistic look on your skin.


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