How To Apply Tattoo Stickers Perfectly?

Tattoo stickers are a fun way to test out your appetite for body art. If you’ve been curious about what a certain style tattoo would look like on your skin, you can do it quickly and painlessly with a tattoo sticker. If you really want that realistic effect, you’ll need to get your sticker on perfectly. Here’s a step-by-step process to get that done.

 fast temporary tattoos

  1. Get Your Skin Nice & Clean

If you thought you could just get some fast temporary tattoos by slapping a sticker on without any skin prep, I’m sorry to disappoint.

The natural oils in your skin can stop a sticker from adhering to your skin properly. For this reason, you need to clean the area you intend to apply the tattoo on with soap and water. If you want to be sure your tattoo will stick nicely, use a cotton ball to clean the area with an alcohol-based toner.


  1. Cut the Tattoo Out

If you thought the detail work done with tattoo machine kits was difficult, try cutting around the outline of a tattoo sticker closely without chopping off part of the sticker. It’s meticulous work, but doing it will make all the difference to how the end product looks. The closer you cut, the less noticeable the sticker gum will be on your skin. Your tattoo will look much more realistic.


  1. Take off the Clear Backing and Place your Tattoo

I guarantee you, anyone rushing to put on a fast temporary tattoo sticker will forget to remove the hidden clear protective cover. In this case, your tattoo sticker doesn’t go anywhere, and you end up with a soggy mess. Always remember to remove this plastic covering before you place the tattoo face down, and also, don’t forget that on the skin, the tattoo will be the mirror image of what you’re looking at when it’s face up.


  1. Wet the Back of the Tattoo with a Damp Cloth

The key word here is DAMP, not soaking-wet or dry. Press the damp cloth or sponge firmly against the back of the tattoo sticker and ensure the whole surface gets wet until you can clearly see the outline of the tattoo underneath. Hold for at least 60 seconds.


  1. Peel the Paper Backing off Gently

Now it’s time for the big reveal. Start by peeling one of the corners to make sure the tattoo sticker has transferred to the skin. If it has, then gently peel the rest away staying as close to the edges as possible initially until the middle part of the tattoo comes away naturally.


That’s it! The best way to apply fast temporary tattoo stickers successfully. All you need to do now is allow it to dry properly and keep it moist with water-based lotion over the coming days. This will make it last without flaking. Beware though temporary tattoo dabblers, body art is highly addictive. You could start with a tattoo sticker this week, and by the end of the month, you could be out buying a starter tattoo machine kit!



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