Are These Nail Inspirations Becoming Yours?

Several days ago, some of my colleagues couldn’t wait to share me with their nail aspirations when they get that. In the following, let’s see how those nail designs make sense to beautify their dull nails and looks. Below are two nail styles I got from them I am going to show to you, hopefully theirs become yours.

soak off gel polish

At first, let me arouse your interest on the pure nail color. What easily help them manicuring such charming and beautiful style is the soak off gel polish, which has 24 colors, so that almost every colleague keep one different color. Though colors are diverse, they all look highly dramatic and attractive.

soak off gel polishsoak off gel polish

However, the second design is pretty awesome contributed by Nicole, which takes completely different style from the above pure look. Three colors are applied to five fingernails in one hand, also one nail wears glittering white color. At the same time, she added some patterns on the surface. For instance, she made heart pattern to her middle nails with silver, so beautiful!

nail designsnail designsnail designsnail designs

After my sharing, which nail art become yours? The simple pure color one or the slightly complicated but gorgeous one? If you like both, take an action right now!


More beauty, more confidence! Every girl has a princess dream, and every lady has a queen dream. Here I will tell you this is not just a daydream, it is a dream that can be come true by our constantly forward steps. Welcome to join me and share beauty and fashion with me. Let us grow up follow the fashionable step!

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