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A Sip on Zuhair Murad’s Marvelous Pure Color Feast
nail dotting tool

It is said that the key elements of Zuhair Murad’s design are endowed from his inborn Arabian blood and influenced…

How to Get Tough Look as Will Smith
double edge razor blades

I can say and I have to say that I am really a big fan of Will Smith. I can…

Cosplay Party Essential: Colorful Wigs Enhance You Aura Instantly
Colorful Curly Hair

I am so excited to tell you that I am going to join a cosplay party this weekend evening. Cosplay…

Cool, the Prevailing Mint Green Tendency
nail art stickers

I should have already known that the mint green ill be prevailing among fashion icons this summer. The special coolness…

Candy Epidemics: See How Sugar Color Invades Our Life
gel nail polish

I don’t know when it become so epidemic. But I do know that Candy is no longer the favorite to…

Why is Leopard Print So Hot?
cheap nail stickers

Leopard seems always so popular, and never meets a cold back of fashion. Yesterday, I went to my friend’s toggery…

5 Stylish Color Ideas for Nail Polishing
nail polish set

Every time when I decide to change my nail arts, I will have trouble in applying the fashionable ones. This…

“Strawberry Nose” Elimination Essential: Pignose Blackhead Removal
Nose Blackhead Removal

“Strawberry nose” is the so-called blackhead on the nose. According to a survey, nearly 80% female friends are suffering “strawberry…

Green Hand Nail Painting Necessary: Nail Art Acrylic Paints

Practice makes perfect. This saying seems work pretty well in nail art painting. I never know that I can also…

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