Awesome and Easy Nail Art Ideas

Hi, are you blonde? Do you like to paint on canvas? Just make your nails canvas and paint them with the soft touch of your heart that will obviously make you more attractive and confident. There are different sorts of nail arts, some are simple and some arts require a professional touch. You have to choose a nail art matching with your outfit that will increase your beauty. Here we are going to show you some simple but alluring nail art kit ideas.

nail art kit

  1. Black And White Nail Art.

Before starting, clean your nails and use a base coat to protect your nails. For this simple and attractive nail art, brush your nails with black color and let it dry for a while. For painting use shiny white color to sketch flower or any other design you may like with your nail art kit. Then use fast drying top coat and that’s it! you are done with an awesome nail art.

nail art kit

  1. Awesome sketch with a toothpick.

As per previous instructions first clean and trim your nails and apply a base coat with your nail art kit. Cover your nails with powder blue color or any other light color & let it dry for some time. Now use a shiny golden color on your extended nails. Then use a toothpick to make red dots or sketch whatever you like and don’t forget to cover it with fast drying top coat.

nail art kit

  1. Contrast design.

After cleaning your nails apply red color as your base coat and allow the polish to dry. Now cover half of your desired nails with a black color to make it contrast. Then use gel or glue on your nails according to your plan and place fancy stones or stickers to create an awesome art. Now cover your designs with final top fast drying coat.

nail art kit

In conclusion, girls are very fashionable, they always choose the latest trend. Nail art is also a part of fashion. So girls like different sorts of nail arts depending on occasions matching with their outfit. But nail art is not an easy task. As a newbie, you may fail to art your nail accurately. The aforementioned nail art ideas are the nice choice to start as a beginner. You need ideas and passion to art your nails. So art your nails in such a way that will flush your beautiful mind! Best of luck.




Hi! I 'm Carmen, who is keed on makeups and beauty. I will usually share some tips about makeups and beauty with you. If you have problems and some tips about makeups and beauty, just ask me and share with me. let's become more beautiful together.

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