The Back Back Good Ages

When we walk around the street, we will meet a lot of people whose backs are bent. This is so- called hunchback. And this situation always takes place on teenagers and the elder, especially those who are tall and thin. When we see these people in the street, we will be regret to them. Since they have a slim or enchanting stature, but it is ruined by the bent back or unbalanced shoulder. How pity it is! Luckily, I was educated to sit and stand perfectly straight by my mother from my childhood. Every time when I and my siblings sit or stood a little crooked, she would preach us and slap our backs. In that time, we would not understand her behavior, even blame for her, but now we all feel lucky and happy to have such a clever and strict mother. Without her, now we possibly will become a round-backed person and be laughed by others. So thanks a lot to my dear mother.

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In the recent years, hunchback is becoming a increasingly serious phenomenon in the society. Certainly, there are a lot of different hunchback correctors coming out the social market including shoulder posture corrector, back rectifiers and so on. It is clearly remembered that the back back good was prevailing among the China during our middle school times. Everyone was familiar with it. We could see various advertisements about it everywhere such as the TV, magazine and other medias. In addition, people discussed the back back good everywhere whatever they have used it or did not need to use it. It can say that back back good was becoming an indispensable thing in most people’s home. Although it was at a high price for rural family in that time, in order to give a straight and healthy back to the children, parents were willing to pay this high price. How great they are!

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Whether the back back good is really as useful as the social effect or not. It is really a mystery for me, because I never use it. I only have heard some effect from my classmates and friends, but they said it really needs great persistence to use it. If you stop use it in the middle, you will get the opposite to what you wish. Therefore, once you decide to buy it, you should keep using it.

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