Banggood 11.11 Shopping Festival 2021:Millions of Bonuses to Save The Most of The Year

Banggood, a global leading online shop, is going to launch the biggest sale of the year to celebrate the world’s biggest shopping festival. Kicking off on November 1, Banggood 11. 11 Shopping Festival 2021 will start with the warming up part and run till November 12th. During the 11.11 Sale, massive discounts up to 70% off and millions of bonuses will be offered to help you grab the biggest savings of the year. More than that, plenty of brand deals, including Xiaomi, will hit the lowest prices of the year. Do not miss out on it. Let’s grab the best money saving tips now in the following.

As aforementioned above, the Banggood 11.11 Sale will span into two periods. The warming-up period will go from November 1 to November 9, encompassing a series of early deals and steals. So, you can buy some early deals and browse what you need to and add them to your cart. Also, you should collect some coupons and play games to get further discounts that can help you save more in the sale.

The Boom period will start from November 10 to November 12, when you will be overwhelmed by wild discounts and enticing deals. It is worth noting that all the products at that time will hit the lowest prices and more amazing offers like $0.01 Smartphone Lightning Deals will be provided. Do not miss out on it.

Early Deals on Banggood 11.11 Sale You Cannot Miss 

Saver Deposit Sale: Deposit $1 to Get Up to 70% off

For hot sellers from top valued brands, you cannot miss Saver Deposit Sale. Many global brands like Xiaomi, Eachine, and Blitzwolf will offer the best deals here. It is worth noting that the saver deposit sale will be early accessible from October 28 when you can start to browse the items on your wish list. To grab the epic savings here, you need to deposit $1 or $3 to get greatly discounted prices and finish the final payment from November 10 to November 12. For example, you can buy POCO X3 Pro at only $199 by depositing $3. Also, you will be given a chance to buy POCO F3 at only $339 by depositing $3. Besides them, many big names will be available here. Now discover more amazing items here by checking here.

Banggood 11. 11 Shopping Festival


11.11 Super Sale: Best Deals for New Arrivals & Hot Sellers Up to 70%off

To have a deeper look into how enticing the discounts Banggood Double Eleven Sale will offer, you can check the 11.11 Super Sale page. It will be available from November 1. Here you will find a 55% discount on new arrivals and a 70% discount on hot sellers. For example, hot sellers like Topshak TS-PW1 Brushless Impact Wrench and Xiaomi mi band 6 will be offered at only $65.99 and $42.99. And deals of new arrivals will also come with impressive discounts: Ulefone Power Armor 13 is a smart rugged phone with the world ultra-large battery that will be available at only $319. BlitzHome BH-AF2 Smart Air Fryer that brings you a smart cooking way retails for only $85.99. More than that, apart from the best deals, you can also enjoy a 7-day delivery service for some products. For more details about the sale discounts and benefits, please check here.

Banggood 11. 11 Shopping Festival

Huge Clearance Sale: To Get the Best Buck

For a real bargain, you cannot miss out on the Super Clearance Sale in which the products will come at the rock bottom price. The most impressive is that the majority of the items here will be available in the $9.9 Snap up and Flash deals. For example, Eachine E016F will be at the Snap up sale to serve you at only $9.9. Besides, you can also be amazed by featured deals called Multiple offers. Here the more you buy, the more you save. For example, KING DO WAY 4PC Clothes Storage Bag, a must-have for storage, will go with a price tag at only $7.99 for more purchases. For more clearance sale items, please check here.

Banggood 11. 11 Sale

Brand Deals: All Star Brand Sale

During the Banggood 11.11 shopping festival, Banggood will show you the unprecedented brand discount feast. The discounts for the star brands will hit the peak of the year. For instance, Xiaomi, Bliztwolf, and Eachine will serve 46%, 57%, and 37% discounts. Not to mention, you will find more big names out there. Now check here to know more about them.

Banggood 11. 11 Sale

To Get Further Discounts by Checking the Following.

Coupon DealsHere you can find brand coupons, category coupons, and product coupons. The page will be available from November 1, and then you can collect coupons for your purchase.

$999,999 Allowance Rain: The allowance rain will be available on every sale page of the 11.11 shopping festival. It will kick off on November 1. The allowance you get here can be used as a discount to buy what you want during the sale. Up to $999 will be available. The more allowances you get, the more savings you grab.

Banggood 11. 11 Shopping Festival

Affiliate Campaign Tips:  To carve up $6,000

For Banggood affiliates, I get a kick out to tell you that Affiliate Campaign Tips will be available to get two affiliate benefits from November 1 to November 28:

No.1: To carve up $4,000, Get Up to $6,000

The total amount you can get is the bonuses and affiliate commissions you received during the event. Now check out here for more information

How to get bonuses:

  1. Earth more bonuses by daily checking in from November 1 to November 28.
  2. Hit Sales Growth Bonus: from November 23 to November 28, you can earn bonuses by increasing your affiliate sales. The more sales you get, the more bonuses you can receive.
  3. During the bonus period (from November 10 to November 12 and from November 23 to November 28), all affiliates can get different CPA bonuses according to their order amount. Up to $300 CPA bonus will beavailableboth on Double 11 and Black Friday.

How to get more commission:

  1. Get more commissions by snapping up limited quotas of increasing 1% commission from November 10th to November 12th. Only 40 quotas are available!
  2. The more sales you get, the more commissions you can get.

No.2: Affiliate Honor List

Affiliate Honor List will be online from November 8 to November 28. The ranking is based on the number of new customers, more new customers you bring will get a higher ranking. Affiliates who are on our list can get trophies and Banggood T-shirts.

In order not to miss any activities mentioned above, please check here to join us.


Banggood 11. 11 Shopping Festival

Banggood 11. 11 Shopping Festival is coming soon with the best deals and steals. It is not only the best time for online shoppers who want to fulfill their Christmas shopping plan by grabbing a ton of savings but also the best chance for Banggood affiliates to earn more commission and win a big prize. Now check out here to join us to discover more shopping wonders in the Banggood 11. 11 Shopping festival.



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