All men love going to a barber. Okay, most men. The exemptions are probably bald guys and individuals with tonsure phobia (that is the fear of getting a hairstyle). For every other person, there’s nothing better than a new trim to get you to feel your best. however, unfortunately, in this harsh financial climate, the week by week custom is something many of us need to, err, fade out.

Furthermore, for guys that have chosen to do what Statham does and shave their heads, purchase a decent arrangement of clippers, and you’ll never need to go through cash at a barbershop again.

Barber shaver

The Best Brands for Hair Clippers


Illinois-based Wahl has been on top of the chart in men’s preening tech since the early 1900s. The organization was the first to acquaint a cordless shaver with the market, licensed the first electromagnetic hair clippers, and made the vacuum trimmer, which sucks up any hair it shaves off, thus saving countless marriages around the world.

Wahl’s clippers are generally viewed as the best available. Take a glance around next time you’re in a barbershop, and chances are they’ll be utilizing Wahl gear. Experts have praised the organization’s ‘Super Taper’ shavers for quite some time as the business standard and in light of current circumstances.


While Wahl might be the most famous hair barber shaver brand among stylists, when it comes to beginner, home-use, Philips is, without a doubt leading the way. The Dutch electronic merchandise producer is known for everything from toasters to TVs. Yet, with regards to prepping items, it has probably the best around.

The brand is notable for its creative design and limits pushing tech, having acquainted the world with laser-guided trimmers and rotating cutting heads. In this way, if you need something front line that will make DIY hair cuts as simple as could be expected under the circumstances, Philips has what you’re searching for.


BaByliss’s offerings might be less expensive, yet that doesn’t mean they scrimp on features. Since 1961, the Parisian haircare brand has been helping individuals keep their locks in check for less, giving all the most recent grooming tech at a small amount of the cost of a considerable lot of its rivals.

A significant number of the brand’s shavers have the special reward of having the option to be utilized both cordlessly and with a mains plug. On the off chance that you were torn on which sort to go for, this might be a sure thing.


Having become famous as one of the leading names in grooming, German organization Braun is an astute decision with regards to getting many shavers. With attention to innovative, ergonomic features, and reasonable costs, you can expect waterproof housing, multi-length cutting attachments, and safety locks, all at wallet-accommodating prices.


Established in Wisconsin in 1924, Oster has gone from a minuscule operation ran out of a garage to an overall brand with a reputation for making probably the best hair shavers cash can purchase. The organization is known for being the first to acquaint engine driven hair shavers with the market, in this manner changing the universe of grooming forever.

Today, Oster clippers are a firm most loved among clued-up barbers, including attractive legacy styling and top-end turning motors.


Mains vs. Battery

The decision between mains-controlled clippers and cordless shavers extremely boils down to personal preference. If you travel a great deal and need to trim your hair on the move, cordless is indeed the ideal approach.

However, if you need the most extreme power and hope to have your shavers running for extended periods, it merits considering a mains-powered option.


Generally, the cutting blades on hair barbers are produced using stainless steel, which is excellent for easygoing use. A lot of professional barbers incline toward sharp clay edges, as they don’t heat up as much during continued sessions, however insofar as you only intend to give yourself a trim each week or something like that. You don’t have thick, wiry hair all over your body, that won’t be an issue.


Except if you’re purposely focusing on that same-length-all-over, tennis ball vibe, you’re going to require a few guards (some call them brushes) to shift your cutting length. Fortunately, by far, most of the shavers will accompany a set included.

Guards fill in as a connection for clippers that you fix on the cutters to realize various lengths on an allocated area of hair.


There is no shortage of alternatives for men concerning shaving; that is why shavers are essential to men. Concerning this, it is necessary to buy the best shaver, that is why I recommend that you visit to get your shaver at affordable prices.


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