Basic Suggestions for Choosing the Perfect Lipstick

Girls and women spend lots of time on applying an impressive makeup. And there are lots of makeup products that make you quite confused since you might not be able to find the perfect makeup among so many choices. A perfect makeup will need eyeliner, highlighter, BB cream, and so on. However, as far as I am concerned, I could rush out of the house after putting on simple makeup. As for applying the simplest makeup, I only apply BB cream, eyeliner, and lipstick. And that’s exactly one of the reasons why lipstick plays a significant role to all the makeup. Another reason is that the right lipstick could make you look much more charming, as one of my male best friends said so. If you don’t have a clue how to choose the perfect lipstick, this is exactly the post you need.

3 Colors Jelly Lipstick

There are totally two main factors of choosing the perfect lipstick that you have to take into account, the color and the texture of the lipstick you choose.

3 Colors Jelly Lipstick

As to choose the right color of the lipstick, like the 3 colors jelly lipstick, you have to take a cue from the tone of your skin and the color of your eyes. And the tone of your skin will be most important factor. Most of the colors will be perfect for women, who have pale skin with pink hues. And if you are going to steal the limelight, I would love to recommend you the red one, which is a bold choice. Lips that are red always look not only classy but also attractive. Recently the pink lipstick and orange lipstick, which will certainly brighten your look and bring you the good mood, has been quite trendy and bright contrasting for women with pale skin. For women with dark skin tone, the task seems to be a little bit difficult. However, cashmere and brown would never do you wrong.

makeup matte lipstick

Some of you might have a question that which lipstick texture is best for you. In general, there are five kinds of lipstick texture, gloss, sheer, frost, matte and creamy. Gloss lipsticks are perfect to match with some silky dresses, while the makeup matte lipstick could bring you mature vibe. As for daily makeup, I would love to choose sheer lipsticks, which are ideal for natural makeup. In my opinion, frost lipsticks are a little bit exaggerated, but it’s perfect for the amazing party. The last one, creamy lipstick, is really too sexy to resist.

3 Colors Jelly Lipstick

Now it’s your turn.


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