Beautiful Eye Makeup Guide

Eyes play a great role in your facial beauty. Your eyes reflect your emotions and attract attention as per you makeup. It is tough and tricky to decorate your eyes as per the season. Appealing eye makeup requires skill that requires practice, right cosmetic kits, and patience. In this article, we will learn how you can place the eye makeup with skill and art.

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Step 1: Clean your eyes

Initially, it is important to clean your eyes as you need a perfectly clean canvas for your decoration. Try to wash your eyes with moderately warm water as hot water it may dry your skin around eyes. To remove any oily residue wash carefully.

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Step 2: Identify your eyebrows

Eyebrows help to achieve the uncluttered makeup. Remove excess hair from your eyebrows and refine your eyes and gently comb your eyebrows. Mark the eyebrows by placing a light degree of your natural hair color and spray a small amount of hairspray to fix them.

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Step 3: A primary makeup

After cleaning your eye our primary motive is that to make sure eye makeup goes on smoothly and stays till a certain period of time. Primary makeup generally contains Silicon that smoothens the lines and wrinkles around eyes that can make your makeup uneven. You can easily find cheap cosmetics at a drug store for your primary makeup.

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Step 4: Adding the Shadow

Depending on the skin tone and your outfit add different dark palettes to the inner and outer corners of the eyes. This pattern is very adaptable and can be used with different eye shapes. Stiff brushes easily pack color onto your eye that helps in getting a darker and solid pattern. The key for adding depth to your eyes is to brush the dark color into your eyelid furrow. Use the small brush in your eye makeup set to get the color into tiny wrinkles without smirching it all over.

For the eyes to look bright and large add the lightest color to the center of the eyelid. Use a stiff brush for this step so that it will pack on the color and will make its covering perfect by covering the center of the eyelid with a light color.

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Step 5: Blend all colors together

Gently and slowly blend each and every color within them so that entire looks absolutely svelte. Blending should be done with a soft brush.

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Step 6: Lashes and Brows

Apply eyeliner to your eyelashes as closely as possible. The line could be darker and thicker as per your decoration. If you want to achieve more dramatic eyes put one layer of mascara immediately. Depending on your eye shape use different techniques for a different look. Start from the base to apply mascara to your lashes with your discount cosmetics. Slowly move to the end and slightly fiddle back and forth.

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