Beauty Attention: Heart Manicure Isn’t Just Suitable for Valentine’s Day

In people’s concept, it seems that those classic flowers and hearts manicure are just suitable for Valentine’s day. As a matter of fact, sometimes you also need these styles to beautify and bring good mood to yourself. For example, at the beginning of spring 2015, it is good time to use heart nail designs to show your love to the charming season. The article of step-by-step tutorial is going to prove that how easy it works well for both Valentin’s day and other times.

nail designs
Step 1: After trimming your old nails, just apply a thin layer of base coat.

nail designs

Step 2: Apply a pale nude by drawing a zigzag line closing to the center of nail with nail polish pen and filling it into the tip. Well, you should make sure what you draw looks like two different sizes rectangles joined together.

nail designs

Step 3: Use red nail polish to trace over the zigzag above the fist one, but you should remember to leave enough negative space from cuticle line.

nail designs

Step 4: Now, it is time for you to draw hearts at the pale pink layer with the help of pen. Then apply a thin layer of topcoat is ok.

nail designs

Are you feel satisfied with the tutorial? Do try it and let us know how beautiful and attractive you look.

nail designs



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