Beauty Secrets are Worth Learning from Celebrities

Have you ever felt curious about how celebrities deal well with their enchanting looks every day before outing or staying outside? If you do, today you are so lucky to learn some beauty secrets from several representative icons.

celebrity beauty secretcelebrity beauty secretcelebrity beauty secretcelebrity beauty secret First, focus on Cindy Crawford. It is said that she always uses milk as one of beauty tools of moisturizer in daily life. So, in order to facilitate daily use, Cindy Crawford puts milk into a spray and carry it together everywhere she goes. Yes, except from the function of moisturizing, milk plays an important role in shrinking pores and offering youthful skin.

beauty toolsbeauty toolsbeauty tools

Second, pay attention to Miranda Kerr. She always lay emphasis on her lip balm. It is common to use makeup lip gloss or lipstick to beautify lips, but Miranda Kerr is accustomed to using lip balm to bright up eyes, nourish and smooth skin around eyes.

Makeup Lip GlossMakeup Lip GlossMakeup Lip GlossMakeup Lip GlossMakeup Lip Gloss

Third, have a look at Jennifer Love-Hewitt. We all know that toothpaste is specially used to brushing teeth, but do you know it has other uses? Yes, Jennifer Love-Hewitt takes actions to tell you it can be regarded as a pimple remover to get rid of acne quickly. It is worth mentioning that Jennifer Love-Hewitt says it won’t work permanently.

celebrity beauty secretcelebrity beauty secretcelebrity beauty secret

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