Beauty Sharing: Prevent Getting Lipstick on Your Teeth

Lip Stick

Here one dreaded question is worth thinking about, how many times have you got lipstick on your teeth and asked your friend to have a check for you? No matter how professional you deal with your expensive, discount or cheap makeup, it is easy to make this mistake in case of your inattention. You have to admit that you ever felt crazy about it especially in a short time makeup. Facing this troublesome problem, what can you do for your beautiful look?

Lip Stick Lip Stick Lip Stick Lip Stick Lip Stick

Don’t worry about it, all of you are so lucky that there is a way to prevent it from happening effortlessly. Jennifer Trotter, one makeup artist shares a two-second trick that will keep lip products off your white teeth. When I see it, I share it with you the first time. She said, “ After you have applied your lip stick or gloss, simply run a Q-tip around the inner edges of your lips to remove any excess and prevent it from getting on your teeth. An even quicker solution: simply pop your finger in your mouth and pull it out, as if making a pop sound, this will remove excess lip color quickly, while leaving your lip application fresh and intact.”

Lip Stick Lip Stick Lip Stick

Do try these two ways to help you getting perfect lip makeup in the future.

Lip Stick Lip Stick Lip Stick


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