Beauty Spotlight: Too Faced Pop Sugar Palette

Yes, the beautiful spring has already come when the weather outside has been freezing for us, it means that now it is high time for me to change a new makeup palette to beautify myself. When searched for it online for a long time, the gorgeous too faced pop sugar palette became my optimal choice which is a brand new for spring 2015 and includes various candy-colored shades. Hence, I made up my mind to buy it at once at that time. Wonderful, the speed of shipment really gave me a big surprise, so did the palette itself.

Too faced pop sugar palette

In the first place, it is hard to ignore how pretty the packaging is. With brightly colorful macaron on the outside, it screams cake, candy and confection that is pretty suitable for the spring season. Also, it is a gorgeous scenery to appreciate.

Too faced pop sugar paletteToo faced pop sugar palette

In the second place, it is easy for me to fall in love with the palette about its 9 shades inside. In typical too faced palette form, each row of 3 colors is coordinated to go together specifically for a makeup look. To some extent, it gives me a specific instructions to achieve certain looks using each row of shades. Honestly, it is really good for me who isn’t so good at various makeups.

Too faced pop sugar paletteToo faced pop sugar paletteToo faced pop sugar palette

In the third place, it is difficult for me not to show off its various charming colors. Correctly, I love the bright and playful colors in this palette, while the blue raspberry is my favorite which is so pigmented and vibrant. Even I don’t apply primer, it is bright enough for me. At the same time, it doesn’t intend to fade away all day until I remove it.

Too faced pop sugar paletteToo faced pop sugar paletteIn a word, this is a very nice palette in all directions as well as a great beauty investment.

Too faced pop sugar palette


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