Best Christmas Makeup Ideas to Make You Look Dazzled in the Party

The Christmas season is all about glitter, color and everything OTT. With that said, we think it’s the best time to step out of your comfort zone and do it all with your makeup. You can literally show up at the Christmas party rocking a little ornament on your eyelids or shine on your lips and not only get away with it but also get thumbs-up of appreciation for your efforts.

If you’re in the mood for a party and can’t wait to wow everyone with your holiday makeup, we’ve got some great beauty trends for you to try. From glossy lips to eyeliners, here are five of the year’s hottest beauty trends to wear this Christmas Eve and then flaunt them with selfies on Instagram. Let’s see.

Christmas makeup

1. Bold Red Lipstick

If you’ve been to a Christmas party before, you’ve no doubt come across this classic holiday makeup. Bright red lipstick is a classic for Christmas makeup!

You can combine it with a winged liner and white highlighter, but you can also use your red lips to apply makeup in a more natural way. It all boils down to what suits your style.


2. Cat Eyes

Another popular type of holiday makeup is cat eyes with liquid eyeliner. The cat eyeliner look, also called winged eyeliner, is the perfect way to achieve a classic bold eye look that never goes overboard.

For this bold look, use black liquid eyeliner on that perfect skirt. Also, consider buying a waterproof liquid eyeliner as it will make your winged eyeliner last longer!

Christmas makeup

3. Berry Blush

Most ladies are used to wearing pale or light pink lipsticks, but the holiday season is a great time to give up darker lipsticks. Think bolder, darker colors like plums, reds, and browns.

Darker lipsticks like reds, browns and jungles give your makeup a little extra and are perfect for the holidays! They are especially good for darker skin tones.

Christmas makeup

4. Gold Cream Eyeshadow

We all know highlighters are a great way to add sparkle to your festive look, but shimmery or shimmery eyeshadows are another way to do it! It is simply amazing and will blow your mind at your next Christmas party.

Christmas makeup

5. Glitter Eyeliner Look

Another way to add shine to your eyes during the holidays is to make use of a glitter eyeliner.

Glitter eyeliner arrives in a variety of colors, but if you are looking for the perfect shimmer eyeliner to match any outfit, I recommend trying this gorgeous silver glitter eyeliner together with some glitter eye makeup stickers.

Silver is another beautiful color that fits a festive theme and exudes a chilly winter vibe. It will really be lovely for Christmas parties.

Christmas makeup


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Best Christmas Makeup Ideas to Make You Look Dazzled in the Party
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Best Christmas Makeup Ideas to Make You Look Dazzled in the Party
It's the festive season again and with the season comes lots of parties. To dazzle at these parties, I will be showing you 5 makeup ideas that will catch the eyes of everyone.


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