How to Best Combine Nail Art with Your Sandals?

Summer is a wonderful time to let go and have fun in all departments including losing the closed shoes for your lovely sandals or flips flops. But there is a catch; there is no way you can rock your favorite sandals without having beautifully pedicured your toenails. Additionally, if you are a fashion-savvy girl like myself, this is not enough. You really have to try hard to ensure that you match and combine your nail art with your sandals. This is because a correct sandal and nail art combination makes you more confident and adds to the spark of your summer vibe. But let us be honest here; with the many shades and trends available for both nail polish, nail art kit and sandals, it can be a daunting task. This is exactly why we did the homework for you and came up with some handy tips you can use to best combine nail art with your sandals.

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Tips to Combine Nail Art With your Sandals.

Below is a list of five handy tips that can go a long way in helping you match your nail art with your favorite sandals of different colors.

  1. Sandals with bright/unique colors.

If you are looking to wear sandals featuring edgy, unique or bright colors such as hot pink, orange, lilac etc. it is important to stick with nail polish colors of a matching hue or ones that directly offer direct contrasts. Make sure that the two colors contrast well and do not downplay each other in order to maintain their appeal to the eyes.

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  1. Sandals with Patterned details.

Who doesn’t love rocking sandals with patterned details such as polka dots, floral or animal print? While they are beautiful on the feat one really has to be careful about their pedicure option when rocking them. Make sure to always avoid metallic colors, glitter or nail art with textured patterns. The safest path to take is picking a minor color from the detail to match or find a polish that closely matches one of the major colors. Additionally, unique neutral tones such as grays go well with floral sandals.

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  1. White Sandals.

White sandals, especially those featuring jute, cork and fiber platforms give off a glamorous vibe that needs to be combined with fun and bright colors that are anything but dull. More specifically it would be a good idea to go with a bright summery color, a pastel hue or a simple red.

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  1. Sandals that show lots of skin.

Minimalist open sandals that show off a lot of skin should always be paired with multicolors or unique colors such as sparkling gold, pale yellow, and metallic green. As a general rule, you should avoid color matching when in this kinds of sandals.

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The above are just some of the most basic that we could think off and advice you to watch out for fashion magazines and shows that are sure to give more ideas on your nail art and sandal combinations. All the best as you enjoy your summer in sandals!




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