The Best Shaving Experience Brought by Flyco FS339 Razor

The electric shavers are now in! They’re really convenient and popular to work with. Traditional razors are still in practice, but electric shavers are quickly on the rise, as they offer quicker shaves, and even allow one to trim their beards easily. It allows one to try out new styles and see what suits their fancy. Among the hordes of electric trimmers, one outstanding product would definitely be the Flyco Rechargeable Razor.

flyco rechargeable razor

Flyco FS339 Rechargeable Razor-Features

Flyco’s rechargeable razor product offers more than just a trim, it gives you an experience. Since it is rechargeable, it is environment-friendly. No more batteries required. It charges up in just an hour. Completely waterproof, so you can also take it to the shower if you’re in a rush. It features six main intelligent systems which we go over in the following sentences. Block stopping protection stops the head from rotating if it gets blocked, protecting both the user and blade. Beard stuck prevention protection technology stops the blade before it gets stuck in your beard, preventing the scenario entirely. Smart battery status displays charging time, how long it will run, and how long you took to shave. You can loc the shaver by holding the power button down and have the LED display a lock sign. It’s LED display that shows you the battery level also reminds you to charge if the battery falls under 5%. It also has a smart washing alarm, that reminds you to wash your shaver according to your shaving time. There is no compromise in quality for the Flyco rechargeable razor.

flyco rechargeable razor

Flyco FS339 Rechargeable Razor – Maintenance

With so many features, it must also be hard to maintain right? Not at all. Since it is completely waterproof, any hair on the head can simply be washed away. A button above the led also lets you pop open the shaver to reveal the blades and remove them. You can then use the cleaning brush provided with the rechargeable razor to clean out any remaining hair that might have found its way there. You can then proceed to clean the inside of the head and snap it back on. Easy as ABC! One can also avail the smart washing alarm, that will actively remind you to clean your shaver. It can be used in any country without having to worry about the voltage change, which makes it even easier to maintain.

flyco rechargeable razor	With so many features and much less maintenance required, Flyco FS339 is one of the better choices of electric razors out in the market. It also helps you go green and save up on batteries in the long run. So why wait? Order your Flyco rechargeable razor today!


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