Beyoncé is Back for NCLA with New Nail Looks

NCLA was born and bred in iconic Los Angeles, California in February 2011 that tend to draw nail inspiration from current runway fashion. Beyoncé is one of the members among NCLA. However, when it comes to Beyoncé, there is so much about her beauty that makes us want to bow down especially her fascinating nail art.

nail art nail art nail art nail art

After last winter’s killer collection of nail wraps, Beyonce is back again with three new nail looks for NCLA which are popularly welcomed by people. Well, the new looks include Beyhive, a golden honeycomb texture; Cat-Calls on Cat-Walks, a combo of roses, stripes and black lace; and Candy Paint, a bold neon-hued wrap. It is sure that those new nail designs will hit the world sooner or later.

nail art nail art nail art nail art nail art

If you are captivated by the looks, why not feel free to try it during your road of pursuing nail beauty?

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