Black Lipstick’s Not Just For Goths Anymore

black lipstick

Black lipstick is not something you’d expect to see on a fashion runway, let alone multiple runways in one season. It is well known that the effect of black lipstick is a little bit punk and a little bit gothic. However, recent runways in Milan and Paris has made a stunning lip appearance–black lipsticks, which keep the same effect as a moisturizing sexy lipstick. It may be the biggest lipstick trend of the season.

black lipstickblack lipstickblack lipstickblack lipstickblack lipstick

The reason why most people don’t intend to try black lipstick is because it looks a little scary. Pieroni, a makeup artist said that the secret not to look scary is how you paint it on. She also explained lipstick in dark can make your mouth appear smaller and smaller. That is to say, if you seize the tips to how to apply it correctly, you will get the most charming black lipstick and leave an impressive memory on others. So, pay attention to it and try it. From then on, black lipstick is not just for Goths anymore.

black lipstickblack lipstickblack lipstickblack lipstick

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black lipstickblack lipstick


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