Knowledge About Removing Blackheads With Acne Extractor

There are many ways to treat acne as a whole, such as using exfoliants, astringent soaps, blackhead removal tools or simply by popping your pimples or blackheads with your hands. But this variety is not always a good thing since some of them can intensify the problem or even cause worst situations to your skin, especially if you do it on your own, without dermatological advice from your most esteemed doctor.

blackhead and comedone acne extractor

One method to remove blackheads is by using a blackhead and comedone acne extractor, which is the easiest and most common way that dermatologists use to treat acne nowadays. This method uses a multi-functional set of needles and rings made of stainless steel, normally you will find cases with 5 tools inside, but depending on the brand there can be sets of 6 or even more because each treatment is based on that person’s skin.

Thinking about that, before buying a set of blackhead and comedone acne extractors is advised to look for a professional opinion. Otherwise, the treatment can be a threat to your skin. Many problems are caused by the bad use of such tools, such as getting the comedone even deeper into the skin causing infections or putting too much pressure without sterilizing the ring or needle, which promotes the issue by increasing the affected area. And even scarring the skin making the problem much worse because what once could be treated now will be there for your whole life.

blackhead and comedone acne extractor

It is understandable if you prefer to ask a professional to do this, but there is a way to do it by yourself at home. Just make sure to stick to a healthy and safe procedure before using the blackhead and comedone acne extractor, this procedure consists of opening your pores by heat, with a warm moist towel, steam, or simply a warm bath.

Then apply alcohol to sterilize the area. You should sterilize the tools too before using it, you can do this by resting the tool in boiling water for an example after that use the ring on the comedone making little pressure until it is expelled. Wash your face with cool water after everything is done, remember to use disposable latex gloves during the whole procedure so your hands will not get in contact with the comedone or the extractor.

blackhead and comedone acne extractor

Finally, these are the benefits of a carefully at home procedure using blackhead and comedone acne extractor, saying that you will need a professional opinion is never too much so make sure to follow his or her recommendations always, so the treatment will be effective and safe.


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