Do blackhead Suction Tools Hurt Our Skin?

Blackheads have always been a stubborn problem for anybody into beauty. They are hard to remove and have a tendency to come back after a short while. Going to a professional esthetician every time you have blackheads will become expensive quickly. Fortunately, we live in a modern age and you can now buy your own pore vacuums that will suck out the blackhead quickly. But are these pore vacuums actually healthy or do they damage your skin?

facial pore cleanser

Various beauty bloggers have been trying out this kind of facial pore cleanser and they look incredibly effective. With the press of a button, they turn on and remove the blackheads effortlessly. Since we all have trouble with blackheads, these blackhead vacuums seem like they are the perfect solution and the next beauty tool to get for yourself. However, according to research done by the University of Health in Utah and the Metro UK, these machines are actually very damaging to your skin and should not be used in an amateur setting.

facial pore cleanser

In professional facilities, these vacuums are occasionally used as well, but professionals will adjust the settings based on your skin and are able to tell when you are in need of pore cleansing or not. Cheap cleansers, which is often way too intense for the skin too handle. Using these machines could lead to bruises as the blood vessels are sucked to the surface or broken. The vacuums also suck away essential oils that the skin needs in order to remain healthy.

There are lots of other ways through which you can remove blackheads if you don’t have the cash to see a professional. The internet has a bunch of acidic solutions that will help with the removal and you can also remove them manually. Blackhead prevention instead of removal is also an option. Make sure you buy non-comedogenic products and oil-free makeup in order to prevent blackheads altogether.

facial pore cleanser

If you do insist on purchasing a pore cleanser to try out the product than try to buy one that has multiple different settings. It’s also important that you can turn off the suction while the device is on your skin in order to avoid pulling it off. The Y.F.M. Rechargeable blackhead suction as this product has both of these options available and is thus a lot safer for the skin.

All in all, it is best to stay away from these products and try a different approach to removing blackheads. However, if you really must by one make sure you get an expensive one that functions like professional ones.



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