The bristles of the makeup brush frequently accumulate bacteria which “eat” the excess cosmetics. If the dirty brush to hold on inflamed skin, it may increase irritation. The dirt from the brushes can fall on the mucous membrane of the mouth or nose and cause allergic reactions.

lockable makeup box

  1. After you’ve applied makeup, the brushes you no longer need would need to be cleaned. You can wipe them with wet hygienic wipes with antibacterial treatment. However, if your skin is sensitive, it is best to use the wipes for child or intimate hygiene.

lockable makeup box

  1. A thorough cleaning should be took place at least once a week. Prepare a solution for washing brushes – add a drop of shampoo to the warm water (better to use baby shampoo), and a little bit of tea tree oil to disinfect will be better. Dip the brush in the solution for a few minutes – slightly shake them in water until the dirt has been got rid of, and you can dab the bristles with your hands. Rinse brushes in clean warm water (but not hot), and wrap them in a towel and blot the moisture. Sometimes, you could use the solution, which has combined the plain water and alcohol, and clean the brush with electric brushes cleaning machine.

electric cleaning brushes

  1. Dry brush in the perfect place. After washing, the brushes should be placed on a cloth napkin, away from sources of heat and to be dry in the natural way. Usually after 8-10 hours of brush ready for use.

lockable makeup box

  1. If you have no time to clean brushes in the usual way, then use a liquid makeup remover by using a cotton pad to wipe the bristles. Solvent liquid perfectly removes remain lipstick, so this method is ideal for cleaning brushes in small size. And it will be great to put them back in the lockable makeup box as the brushes have been completely dried out.

electric cleaning brushes


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