What should you care about when you paint your necklace with nail polish

After I shared the experience of painted necklace with nail polish, many people tried that experiment. However, part of them have the same reaction that there were always not exact results as they had expected. There are some suggestions for you to have a reference.

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Firstly, When you chose nail polish, it could not be better to use an OPI for the white glitter area on necklace. But the other colors could be a range of drug store polishes. You can use cheap nail polish instead of fancy products just as you like. If you worry about polish peeling, you can use an extra layer of clear coat on the surface.

cheap nail polishcheap nail polish

Secondly, when you clean nail polish painted necklace, light wiping and soap will be proper. Remember avoiding applying any rough cloths or pressure and never use an acetone cleaner on your nail polish necklace.

Thirdly, when you want to paint over real gold or silver, you should take a consideration. This is ultimately your choice. In my view, I would stick to ornamental jewelry for this project. Certainly, you could polish that up and have a lovely piece without nail polish.

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Fourthly, it could not be worse to paint body piercing with nail polish. Because, painting on the jewelry that is going to your body could risk chipping and peeling.

In the process of this creative activity, you can add sparking points to the paint so that your necklace could be noticeable unlike any other in store.  For example, to make them pop, you can pluck out some of the small sequins from glitter polish. Dab on a dot of the clear polish, then press the sequin down to make it stick. All in all, you can display your creative talent to make your necklace more beautiful and unique with various of nail art tools.


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