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How to Make a Mannequin Head?
mannequin head with hair

As a business owner, all we want is to show our products off to potential customers, right? Well, it has…

A Guide on Choosing a Hair Clipper
Xiaomi Hair Clipper

Your hair is as much a part of grooming as your clothes are. Your appearance leaves an impression on people….

Banggood Black Friday Is Coming!
banggood black Friday

As people all over the world are looking forward to, Black Friday, the second day of the Thanksgiving holiday, and…

To Save more! Joining Banggood’s 11th Anniversary Shopping Carnival !!!
banggood's 11th anniversary

Banggood’s 11th Anniversary is around the corner. To mark the occasion and celebrate it, the company will be launching a big promotion…

Banggood’s Shopping Carnival to Celebrate Its 11th Anniversary
Banggood's 11th Anniversary

In a modern day society the Internet allows consumers to order anything from the comfort of their bedroom –  geography…

You’re Just Gonna Shave, Shave, Shave
floating head electric shaver

November, which is officially considered as the month when a man could try to grow his beard, is just around…

Play a Hair Game with the Five-Strand Braid
virgin brazilian hair

Do you feel sick and tired of your ponytail and the standard three-weave braid? Do you want to give your…

Have a Cool & Sexy Short Hairstyle
short wigs

Do you have such an idea that hairstyle plays an important role in our image? I don’t know what is…

Hairstyle Decides Your Look in Some Degree
virgin Brazilian hair

There is no doubt that a good hairdo can do miracles to your appearance as hair is very important in…

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