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From Globules to The Single Lens- The History of Glasses
magnetic reading glasses

Reading glasses have been in use since time immemorial. They are actively used by millions around the world. Glasses not…

Xiaomi: Penetrating the Fashion Segment Through its Glasses
Xiaomi Sunglasses

Xiaomi is a Chinese company that for the last 5 years has always dominated the news about smartphones as well…

To Save more! Joining Banggood’s 11th Anniversary Shopping Carnival !!!
banggood's 11th anniversary

Banggood’s 11th Anniversary is around the corner. To mark the occasion and celebrate it, the company will be launching a big promotion…

Banggood’s Shopping Carnival to Celebrate Its 11th Anniversary
Banggood's 11th Anniversary

In a modern day society the Internet allows consumers to order anything from the comfort of their bedroom –  geography…

Round Glasses as Wonderful Accessories
round retro reading glasses

There was a time that I hate glasses, which are really uncomfortable and ugly. However, there are more and more…

Mini Lipsticks Bring a lot of Convenience for our Life
mini moisturizing lipstick set

Nowadays, the opinion of the makeup is more and more comprehensive as all the human beings are an individual and…

Four Mistakes that the Girls with Long Hair should Notice
girl with long hair

Speaking generally, the long hair is most of the girls’ dream hairstyle on matter it is curling or straight. As…

Make Good Use of the Exercise Equipment
twist waist disc board

There is no denying that more and more people have to sit in front of the computer and face with…

Change Your Hairstyle to Welcome the Autumn
women with pink hair

Now, the cool season-autumn is coming soon. Are you ready to greet it with kindness and confidence? The cool autumn…

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