Celebs’ Different Views on Fashion that You Should Know

Celebrities are always be the group of upper class people whose behaviors, speeches and dressing are easily become the topic. Sometimes, something what you see is not what we should believe due to many commercial deals inside and we cannot see it clearly. But sometimes, they will just tell us the true right things. I gather two speeches today, one from S.E. Cupp, the other Danielle Sikes. I quoted them not because they have high reputation or their intriguing makeup, but because they have shared some different ideas for fashion and beauty.

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S.E. Cupp: I am not embarrassed to like pearls. I don’t think that’s weird; I think it’s classic and timeless.
Toward Jewelry, people always tend to believe that the most expensive one is the most elegant, beautiful, exquisite and decent, like the rare diamond of large size and high clarity with professional perfect cutting, or like the ruby of pigeon’s blood color in an unusual size of numerous dollars. I am not try to reduce the value of these rare stones, or gemstones. What I want to say is rarity and high price doesn’t make it real beautiful. What if there are more these kind of gemstones were discovered? Then their prices will dramatically fall down. Ridiculously, toward pearls, people treat them the low class of jewelry due to the abundance of pearls in the market. However, just as what S.E. Cupp said, it is classic and timeless. Pearls will stay its beauty for years or tens of years. It is always good at making you look elegant and in good complexion. I love pearls, too. And I will definitely wear it. Fashion should not be judged by its price, but by its total effect. Wearing a low-price pearls is not embarrassing.

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Danielle Sikes: You can keep it simple and still have that “wow” factor.
I think this sentence is really a good doctrine that we can reflect on fashion. Danielle Sikes is only at her 23 years old, an age of craze, madness and blindness in chasing fashion and beauty. She was regarded as one of the 50 most beautiful person in 2014, but obviously not only because the chic, fashionable and stylish look, but a correct view on fashion. Young people tend to make fashion very complicated, but the truth it, it can also be very simple. Creation is what that gives you “wow”.

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We can reflect on our nail decoration. I just sometimes find it too exhilarating and too overdo for making the 3D nail art. I think this is quite similar to films. Too much 3D movies which place the three dimensional effect on the top first place but always neglecting the drama and the plot. But dating back to the original principle or movie or play, plot and characters are exactly the most important factors. And you will finally feel bored of the 3D things that miss the old movies. The 3D nail art of course can bring us many creative, technical and bold effect to us, but just make it go with what we need, don’t make it go too far and don’t make it the gilded lily. On the contrary, the simple nail polish is as classic and timeless as pearls. Choose you favorite color and make it meet your temperature, simple but it will bring you a “wow”.

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When we appreciating the beauty of the world, we are also decorating the world. The fashion life is so colorful, so changeable, so restless and so unpredictable. I would like to be her follower, an eyewitness, and to catch the most delicate changes.

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