Change your short hairstyle right now

I have been at state for days, since I was jilted by my ex-boyfriend last week. In order to extricate myself from the failed relationship, I cut my hair short, which wore long for my ex-boyfriend. When my hair was cut,  I regretted this childish action. I realize that the only thing I should do is to make myself more charming and adjust mentality for better opportunities. Therefore I try to do hair extension by myself, that is a great way to have long hairstyles without waiting months for my own hair to grow . I am very glad to share tips with you.
human hair extensions
It will waste us a bit time to choose from all the different types and styles available on market without hair extensions understanding. Most people are inclined to human hair extensions for they are normally easier to care for than others out there. So, how should we do to care for our human hair extension to have the long and glamorous hair we deserve for any long hairstyle we choose.

human hair extensionshuman hair extensions
We should treat it exactly as our normal hair. Then we should always wash, condition and moisturize hair, including our human hair extension every 2 to 3 days. For natural scalp oils have no influence on human hair extension, we should moisturize our routine. Without moisturizing, hair extensions will become brittle and break easily, leaving us with ratty and split ends. Moreover, we should not perm hair with extensions, which never grow. If you get them too hot with the blow dryer, curling iron, etc, Your hair extensions will not grow back and you will burn your hair and damage hair extension. If you really want to change hairstyle, Brazilian Human Hair Wig would be a good choice.


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