Charming Wedding Hairstyle of Different Occasions

Most of people from America would like to get married and hold their wedding in June. They think that the pronunciation of June is similar to the Juno who is the goddess that in charge of the marriage and the love in Roman mythology. And the main though is that they think the Juno goddess will bring the fun and happiness to them, if they get married in June. But for the Chinese people, they prefer to get married in September or October. As in these seasons, the weather will not be too hot or too cold. The most important thing is that there are not so many people at that time and they can enjoy their wedding trip to their heart’s content. During the Chinese wedding day, the bride have to change the dressing three times and the wedding hairstyle they also need to change at least once.

Wedding Wedding

The first occasion is to come into people’s views. In this time, the bride should try the curling hairstyle that putting down, the fishbone braid or the princess head. Then the hairstylists place some fresh flowers on their hair to embellish their hairstyle and make them more charming.

wedding hairtstyle wedding hairtstyle fishbone braid fishbone braidwedding hairtstyle fishbone braid

The second occasion is at the wedding. You have to show your sincerity to wear the wedding dress and put on the bridal veil, so I do suggest you should make the updo hairstyle. On this basis, you can add some fabulous accessories to decorate your look. The gold leaves hair clip can help you hold the hair lastingly and add an attractive appeal to your appearance.

gold leaves hair clip tall updo tall updo updo wedding hairstyle

The third occasion is at the wedding banquet. In this time, the bride always wear the demitoilet to move around the guests to propose a toast. In this moment, your hairstyle also play an essential role on your beautiful look. The beaded pendant hair band is a good choice for you to embellish your look. And you can have a try, maybe you will fall in love with it.

Beaded Pendant Hair band wedding hairtstyle wedding hairtstyle wedding hairtstyle wedding hairtstyle


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