Chinese Wedding Mania: How to Make a Fabulous Retro and Exotic Wedding Nail Art

Weeks ago, I saw a pairs of American young couples dressing in an ancient Chinese wedding gown. Both of them had deep and big eyes and white skin, totally western face, but wearing in red didn’t make them look awkward, rather, it was sweet and happy. International marriage is already very common, but international wedding is gradually accepted and chased by young couples. As many Chinese couples would try to hold their wedding in western style with white veil and church witness, among many western countries, there is a Chinese wedding mania. Making a retro and exotic wedding is just so fabulous and unforgetable in such an important event in our life.

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I am always fascinated about retro and exotic culture, dressing and makeup, especially the ancient Chinese wedding. Ancient China are abundant in aesthetic culture for the mixing of many clans and minorities. But the mainstream is the bright and enthusiastic Chinese red. No matter color red is for the phoenix embroidery silk veil, cheongsam and the silky embroidery shoes or for bridal lips and nails, it symbolize happiness and ceremonial. This is quite similar to many Chinese people. They are mostly warm-hearted, emotional and passionate.

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Actually to make a perfect Chinese wedding makeup is not difficult. Sometimes, it can be described as the gathering of all lucky colors and jewelry. I think the well known Chinese actress Fan Bingbing can be a very good example. She is talented in bringing out the most beautiful element from dressing and makeup. In the photo shows an elegant bridal designs, Fan makes the traditional Chinese eyebrow, as long and curve as the willow leaves; purple eye shadow makes eyes look bigger and vivid; red lips are her favorite decoration and it is also the key factor for wedding; the golden crown decorated with small red flowers also symbolize the blessing of fortune and luck.

Mini UV Gel Lamp

Gold and red are the two main colors for Chinese wedding. They have tried their best to produce a splendid effect. For that reason, bridals will also use these two colors to decorate their nails. The effect is also very amazing. It is cannot be more splendid. This kind of splendid wedding may be quite different from western romantic and purified wedding, but it is really charming and stirring. Actually it is not very difficult to make a splendid wedding nail art. The easiest way to wear nail tips. It just takes five steps.

nail tips

Step 1. Cut the nail tips according to your nail shape and make it appropriately long. 1.5 to 2 cm will be much better, and trim the angles to make it smooth;

Step 2. Polish the nail tips with red color, make it thick and even, and then dry it with mini UV gel lamp. It can save you much time, if you own a nail lamp.

nail tips

Step 3. Start to paint it with gold color. You should apply the gold polish with small pen. You can also just use stampers of golden color. Here are two example patterns for reference. If necessary, you can add some glitters on it. No bride will be blamed for being too showy.

nail tips

Step 4. Dry the painting and apply nail coat gel for protection.

Step 5. Gel your nails and put the nails tips on your nails. Done.


When we appreciating the beauty of the world, we are also decorating the world. The fashion life is so colorful, so changeable, so restless and so unpredictable. I would like to be her follower, an eyewitness, and to catch the most delicate changes.

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