How to Choose the Right Eye Glasses Frame?

Glasses are very important for those who have wrong vision. They have to wear it for the whole day. However, sometimes wearing glasses may keep you from fashion and charm so it is necessary for us to choose the right glasses frame which can make you look nice. Today, I will you some tips on how to choose the right eyeglasses frame.

Xiaomi Glasses Frame

How to choose the right glasses frame?

Once you have had your eye checkup and determined that you need eyeglasses, it is time to choose your frames. To help you narrow down on a choice, you should consider your face shape, skin tone, lifestyle, and personality.

Xiaomi Glasses Frame

Face Shape

Round face – If you have a round face it is advisable to go for square or rectangular frames that will make your face appear slimmer and longer.

Oval face– If you have an oval face it is advisable to go for frames that have a strong bridge, are wider than the broadest part of your face and have a geometric shape.

Square face – It is advisable to go for oval or rounded eyeglasses with a square face to give it a thinner appearance.

Heart shaped face – For this type of face, it is advisable to go for a round or square shaped eyeglasses. This will help draw attention away from the broad, high forehead.

Xiaomi TS Glasses


You should consider the kind of activities that you will be carried out while wearing your glasses. If you are very active then you should consider frames that twist and bend without breaking. Xiaomi glass frame, for example, is made from ULTEM plastic, a material that is extremely tough and has a high crush resistance ability.

Xiaomi TS Glasses

Skin Tone

If you have a yellow, bronze or golden cast skin then you should stay away from contrasting color frames such as pastels. White and black frames will not do either. You should go for brown shades, gold, beige or olive green. If your skin has pink or blue undertones then you should go for silver, pink, dark tortoise, blue, gray or mauve colored frames.

Xiaomi Glasses Frame


You eye frames can say a lot about your personality. If you want a business look then you should go for Xiaomi TS Glasses frame that gives you a serious look, if you are a fun lover then you can choose some bright colors to give you that party look.



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