How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

Why you should wash your makeup brushes

By cleaning your makeup brushes regularly, you are going to remove the old makeup remnants, bacteria and dead skin deposited on bristles. Clean brushes are far more effective in applying the products to the face, while dirty brushes not only stop you from makeup quickly but also can even cause skin problems like acne. What’s worse,  dirty bristles are damaged over the time and are no longer suitable for use. However, it is not necessary to spend your money on expensive washing kit, rather you can use simple tricks to clean your cheap makeup brushes.

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How long you should wash your makeup brushes

Your makeup brushes should be cleaned at least once a week because dirty and uncleaned makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which not only hurt your skin but even spoil the products, thus reducing their shelve life. It would hardly take more than 5 minutes to completely wash your makeup brush.

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With what to wash your makeup brushes and how to wash

Baby shampoo is recommended to be used to wash your brushes because they are gentle on brushes and leave a good smell behind after washing. Take a little blurb of shampoo either on the palm of your hands or in a small ball. Before applying shampoo you should wet your brushes with lukewarm water first so that the shampoo will leather nicely. And you should remember not to use hot water as it can cause damage to the brush. After applying shampoo, then you can dip and swirl the bristles in the shampoo so that it is fully coated. Next, use your fingers as washboard to work on the bristles in order that they are thoroughly drenched in the shampoo leather. Lastly, rinse away the shampoo beneath the running water.

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If you often use cream-based makeup then it is advisable to use a little olive oil with shampoo because olive oil mixed with shampoo is really effective in removing heavy makeup and stains from the bristles. What’s more, it would leave the brush squeaky clean and soft. But while rinsing, it is necessary to make sure that water does not enter into ferrule (the area where bristles are connected to the handle) as it might loosen up the glue causing bristles to fall.

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How to dry it

After squeezing out the excess water from the bristles, take the brush and fold it a couple of times in a towel for soaking water. Afterward, put the brush at some slope so that the bristles are at the lower position. That way, remaining water would easily flow out of the brush. You can also reshape the bristles after they are dry.

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Maintaining clean makeup apparatus would ensure that you are able to apply your makeup uniformly across the face. And advantageously, cleaning your brushes regularly would make them last longer, so you would not have to go hunting for new makeup brushes frequently.



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