Colorful DIY Nail | fashion trend among ladies

When shopping in the mall, we can observe colorful and particular nail shops everywhere. After shopping journey, it could not be better choice to sit down for a rest and nail. But limited to time and space, manicurist can not satisfy us totally.

If we want to be special one from the crowd, Why not try it by ourselves? It would be so cool and amazing to slash on some paint and add some color to your nails by yoursef, which is named nail art. Surely we need some painted patterns for reference in order to keep in step with the times.

1. Pure hue

nail art
It will work with any outfit. The pure hue keeps things so tidy and clean that they’re suitable for any occasion. It can be mixed with cute pattern such as mustache.

2. Mashup

nail art
Different nail is designed by different patterns but the same spectral hue. It looks cool.

3. Spring Sprinkles

nail art
These nails are deliciously cute and can really make outfit pop. Try juxtaposing these with a neutral outfit or rock it with something just as colorful!

4. Mix color

nail art
To create this manicure, we’ll need a rainbow of pastel polishes. We also need a top coat to add shine and to protect nail art from chipping.

5. Diamond

nail art

Gorgeous diamond which creates a superb atmosphere, suits for formal occasions. We should pay more attention to keep it prefect for its complicated process.

In fact, there are various of personalized patterns that you can design except those, which are referred to in the above. But we should paint patterns, before we are supposed to learn common sense and considerations about painting in order to ensure perfect looking as you have imaged. Moreover, it is significant to pay attention to pick up appropriate nail tools.


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