Colorful Eyelashes, Your New Makeup Trend

As we all known, the London fashion week has been holding in this moment and most of people pay more attention to them. With regard to the contents that they take notice of, I think it is varying from person to person. Some people are focus on the clothes that will be released in 2016 while some people lay more emphasis on the fashion trend of the makeup or other fashionable accessories. From the Mary Katrantzou show which just had been completed recently, we learn more knowledge about the makeup. The makeup of the models really shocked us and gave a sign or tip about the next makeup trend for us.

mary katrantzou show mary katrantzou show  mary katrantzou show mary katrantzou show

For my part, what amazed me even more than the models’ clothes was her colorful eye makeup. In general, the makeup artist always pay more attention to the eye and lip makeup. Everyone can be stunning in daily life if they lay a lot of emphasis on these two parts. With this colorful eyelashes, you can add some color to the dull autumn and winner and the good mood to your life.

colorful eyelashes colorful eyelashes

Before use the lengthening waterproof mascara to brush the colorful eyelashes, I do suggest you put the slight eyeshadow on to as a base and then apply the eyeliner to draw the outline of eyelashes. Please remember the color of the eyeshadow should be slight so that people won’t pay attention to it. By the way, you just need to apply the colorful mascara on the center section of your eyelashes which is unique and special.

colorful eyelashes colorful eyelashes

In addition, if you cannot find the colorful mascara to apply, you can take advantage of the colorful eyeliner as they are easier to purchase. But there is one essential makeup tool you must need, and it is the eyelash eyebrow makeup brush. With it, you cannot apply the colorful eyeliner on your eyelashes. What’s more, the brushes also can be used on other makeup part.

colorful eyelashes colorful eyelashes

colorful eyelashes


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